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Quality is the cornerstone of a product to survive in the market. In terms of light source, there are two kinds of quality, one is the quality of the product itself including the stability, service life,   reliability after long-term use (referring to the reduction of photoelectric performance for long-term use). The other is the light quality of the light source Including CCT, CRI, illuminance, glare index, light shape control, lighting uniformity and brightness. Obviously, no matter what kind of quality it is,Company should pay attach great importance to it. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of light sources integrating R&D, production, sales and brand agency, Scienca has consistent requirements for the product itself and light quality of light source and guarantees 100% qualification rate through its professional quality control technology.


Standardized operation

    Target: lean production, standardization and quality control

    Implementation stand:ISO9001:2015&ISO14001:2015&OHSAS1800:2007

  Operating environment: dust-free workshop

Light quality parameter-illuminance and colourity inspection

      Content: illuminance uniformity and colourity uniformity

    Instrument: CA2000

    Test area:270X204mm

  Test point:900个点

illuminance uniformity test

colourity inspection test

Light quality parameter-CRI, strobe, wavelength and CCT

    Content: CRI, strobe, wavelength and CCT

    Instrument: CA2000

    Test area:270X204mm

  Test point:900个点

Reliability test

      Standard: JEDEC standard file JESD22-A108CJESD22-A101B

    Test environment: Constant temperature and humidity aging

    Test content: CCT and illuminance error and CCT drift

  Sample period: brightness monitoring-monitoring time 8760 hours-reading data every 10 hours. Color temperature monitoring-monitoring time 8760 hours-reading every 10 hours.

Constant temperature and humidity aging

光源品质报告QC Report

    Content: Appearance, dimmer, CCT and uniformity


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